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An Open Letter To My Future Husband!

(This letter is written from the perspective of an Asian girl)
My dear,
Being an Asian girl I strictly believe that my parents are the ones who I trust completely to choose a perfect husband for me. But it doesn’t mean that my choice has no value before them. So, let’s meet for just one time before I take this gigantic decision of my life, I don’t want to share my precious moments blindly with a man I haven’t seen once, my society and religion has given me this right so who the hell are our relatives to tell us what we should do and what we shouldn’t. I have a past that is as clear as spring water and I expect the same from you, why do I get a piece of meat that is already bitten; when I am giving you a fresh piece of raw meat. I want to build a relationship of trust, respect and love with you, I want to fall in love with you then I want to share bed with you, I am not a mistress whom you can please with an expensive gift. I am studying law not to make round rotis for you and your family but I want to pursue my career, I want to complete my specialization in my field. I am not a lottery ticket to bring you all the expensive dowry, what my parents are going to give me is for my personal use and ease, not to fulfill your unfulfilled desires (ask your parents, not mine for that). I am not gonna live in an abusive relationship, because I know what the law is and how do I have to use it. I shall support our house if there is need but it doesn’t mean that I am going to watch you do nothing from monetary point of view. I don’t expect you to say anything to your mother when I tell you something about her; nor do I expect you to say anything to me when she says anything about me, that will help us in maintaining a calm and peaceful atmosphere in our house. I want to hold your hand when the doctors take me to the labor room, not my mother’s. I need you each and every minute during the upbringing of our children, because kids are not easy to handle. I want to spend a vacation with you not with a man who is distant several miles away from me clinging to the cell phone. I don’t want a cheater and I don’t want you to have a cheater too, so if we can balance our relationship neither of us has to blame one another. I can wait for you to return home from work late at night but I also expect you not to make fuss when I ask you to take me to my parents’ house. I want to keep the spark alive in our relationship even after 27 years of our marriage, so that I can feel butterflies in my stomach every time you touch me like the first time you embraced me and those stars in your eyes like the time you saw me when I walked down the aisle.

Yours lovingly.




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