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A Thank You Note to My Bully

Do you remember the first time a teacher asked me to sit with you in second grade? Do you remember the first time you tore the pages of my notebook? Do you remember the first time you laughed with your friends when I stuttered while reading in class? Do you remember the first time you called me with an insulting nickname? Your answer must be a big NO. Because obviously how could you remember the first time of something you did so many times. But I do remember.  I remember when you tore my notebook. I remember when you spilled ink on my uniform. I remember when you laughed with your friends every time I stuttered while reading. I remember when you threw my lunch in a dustbin. I don’t remember the first time you did something like this but I do remember each and every time you made me feel miserable. You made me realize how weak I was. I remember how every night I cried before going to bed because I knew that a new day filled with embarrassment and insult was ahead. But do you remember the first time I kicked you in your stomach? The first time I slapped you in front of the whole class? The first time I told your father what a piece of crap he has brought up? The first time I dragged you to the Principal’s office? The answer should be a YES. Because it was the first time you were beaten up by a girl. First time your father cursed you in front of almost 50 people. It was the first time someone weaker than you stood up against you. I don’t want to embarrass you once again instead I want to thank you. I want to thank you for telling me how weak I was and how powerful I can be. For making me realize that bullies like you are the weakest people indeed. You turned me into a girl who knows that I don’t need to fear miserable men like you. You are the one who made me understand that I can laugh with people when they laugh at me. If not being fearful of people like you means that I’m rude and mean then yes, I am. And thank you for making me realize that I am the one who can save myself before anyone else. Thank you for making me learn to take a stand for myself. Above all thank you for turning me into a human being who is not scared of losers like you.💪🏾💪🏾